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Archive | September, 2007

Live blogging at conferences

Get someone to blog your events. Give them internet access, passes to the conference — then get out of the way. Let them publish their unfiltered opinions. Michael Rubin and I started doing this in 2005 at WOMMA. It was a huge hit. Why live conference blogging is amazing: It creates a permanent record of […]

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Do you think you really know your customers? Only if you’ve read a romance novel. Romance fiction comprises a 26.4% share of consumer book sales.  Romance fiction generated $1.4 billion in sales in 2005. There were 5,994 romance titles released in 2005. (source) That’s insanely huge — and inconceivable to us big-city marketing types.  If […]

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ConsumerBase, ethics aren’t a game

The idiots at ConsumerBase send me constant spam. Here’s the fine print at the bottom of each email: We support ethical practices. This email was sent to by ConsumerBase LLC because you have not previously unsubscribed to our email solicitations. By clicking on any link in this email, except the unsubscribe one below, you […]

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High school newspapers

Here’s a great bit of advice from Anastasia Goodstein at Ypulse: She interviews an author about reaching out to the most under-served journalists in the world:  High school newspapers. The author shares: As I go about major grassroots promotion for Violet On The Runway, I found an avenue that I think might be interesting to […]

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Keep it simple

Get your hands on the Simplicity Cycle by Dan Ward. It’s not your regular book. You’ll read it in less than 1 hour. What I took from it: There is a relationship between simplicity and goodness. Things start out simple and OK (ipod 1.0) As you add stuff, it gets more complex, but more good […]

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The greatest thing since TiVo

Get a Slingbox. I watch my TiVo from any city in the world.  On my phone.

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Butterball: Keeping it simple

We all make marketing too complicated. Keep it simple.  How about a phone number where your customers can get actual help from a real person? Butterball has been running the Butterball Turkey Talk for 27 years.  100,000 people call every year, asking for advice on cooking a turkey.  They say "55 ladies with a degree […]

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Free marketing research from word of mouth

Three great ways to use word of mouth to get free market research. Track your "most emailed stories" or products that have the most uses of the tell-a-friend form. You get an instant answer to which content/products are working. Elevate them to the home page. Use YouTube to measure brand exposure. Tim Dyson explains it […]

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Swag that we want

Marketers love to put their logo on stuff.  Useless stuff.  Hats, mugs, bags, shirts. Swag ("some worthless advertising gimmick") is expensive to make and environmental mistake. We get it at conferences and throw it away.  Unless we take it home and throw it away. (Dude, nobody wants your clever t-shirt. It’s not as funny as […]

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