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Archive | October, 2007

Happy people at Zappos

I love the guys at Zappos.  They make lots of people happy. In my book I talk about their extraordinary 365-day return policy. But I really love this one:  Call their customer service number: 800-927-7671 Every day a different employee hosts the phone calls. Today (Halloween) you get singing: "Trick or treat, smell my feet, […]

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How to make air travel better

Flying sucks. You can make it better. Carry sound-proof earphones.  Not newfangled noise-canceling complicated things.  Earphones like rockstars use that block out 100% of  outside sound.  Specifically, these with these from Shure. They can block the sound of a crying baby pushing a lawnmower. Avoid complainers. Get as far away as you can from complainers. […]

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Sooner or later, you’re going to piss of the wrong person. Bob Garfield is the advertising critic for Ad Age and the host of NPR’s On The Media.  He’s got an army of loyal followers. Comcast, with it’s usual skill, managed to screw up his service, waste days of his time, and act like a […]

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Starbucks: Are your people free to make things right?

Our neighborhood chamber of commerce organized trick-or-treating along the main shopping street yesterday.  Hundreds of kids in costumes were getting their candy fix from the local retailers. Starbucks, American Apparel, and 7-Eleven weren’t participating. It was a stark reminder of the difference between a caring local business and a cold national chain. I was most […]

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Costco: Real customer support

I just bought a projector from Costco.  I get this email: Dear ANDY SERNOVITZ, Congratulations on your recent purchase of the VIEWSONIC PJ503D DLP SVGA (item # 229495) from FREE Technical Support is offered exclusively for Costco members who have purchased a television, computer, camera, camcorder or an iPod/MP3 player from Costco or If you experience […]

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JetBlue calling

I flew JetBlue this week for the first time in a long time.  It was very pleasant — nice people, clean, lots of legroom. Unfortunately, I got stuck at JFK for hours, two days in a row, due to weather delays.  JetBlue offers free wifi in their terminals, which is a nice perk.  But it […]

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$75 Discount to WOMMA Summit

The WOMMA Summit is the best word of mouth marketing conference in the world.  Save $75 with code "friendofandy" Official site

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Making it easy to get compliments

Here’s a tough question:  How could a customer say something nice about your team? We all know how to complain.  We know how to beat up a company until the apologize, fix the problem, and give us free stuff.  (If fact, most companies are set up to pay people to complain by rewarding them with […]

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The perfect invoice

Ahhh … the joy of trying to get paid by a giant corporation.  Bizarre forms, arbitrary policies, strange rules. So I was thrilled when I got an email from Procter & Gamble with a sample of “the perfect invoice.”  Clear guidance! Look and learn (click for close up):    

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