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Archive | November, 2007

Quick Tip

Make sure the logo on your home page can be saved as a simple graphic.  When people want to blog about you, you want them to use a good copy of your logo. If they can’t save it off your home page, they may use a cruddy graphic — or just skip it all together.

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Missing the point

I just bought a new laptop. During the registration process, they asked me the magic Net Promoter question: "How likely are you to recommend this product …" How the heck should I know? I just turned it on 5 minutes ago.  This is a good question to ask … after the customer has had a […]

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Mystery solved: The IKEA naming system

Actually, not such a mystery — the answer was in Wikipedia, but David Byrne’s blog tipped me off. IKEA products are identified by single word names. Most of the names are either Swedish, Danish, Finnish or Norwegian in origin. Although there are some notable exceptions, most product names are based on a special naming system […]

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Entrepreneurial Adventure

You hear this phrase often from real entrepreneurs:  "My latest entrepreneurial adventure" Not venture … adventure. Here’s a clue to all those considering starting your own thing:  If you can’t describe it as a fun, exciting, life-changing adventure — don’t do it. Same advice goes for you experienced entrepreneurs — if it’s not still an […]

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Target & Drillteam Media busted for stealth word of mouth

Target has been busted for some very unethical stealthy behavior.  They are running an program called "Target Rounders" with volunteer college evangelists who are asked to promote the company. The problem: They have asked the participants to hide their involvement in the program and lie when asked if they are working for target.  Their MySpace […]

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Karen Hughes was the State Department’s "public diplomat" whose job was to "communicate the goodness of America" around the world. She resigned. Slate’s Fred Kaplan says: You can craft a fine message and recite it with a smile, but the reception will be determined by what a country does. That’s a lesson for all businesses […]

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Good and Bad in Telecommunications

Two Wall Street Journal headlines that impact us all:1. Good:  Verizon gets it! "Verizon Wireless’s decision to open its network means that customers will be able to buy cellphones from rival companies and use them on Verizon’s network." This is a lesson for all companies. You can fight a trend, or get ahead of […]

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Another sleazery alert

A friendly reader tipped me off to a company that offers to pack web sites with positive reviews for you.  Their service: We offer dedicated staff to add positive comments, based upon customer, staff, and vendor laudatory statements to blogs underneath these videos as well as create new blogs touting the features, advantages, and benefits […]

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Greatest Airport Food of All Time – Add Your Favorites

(In honor of the insane travel over Thanksgiving.  Add your favorites in the comments section.) Salt Lick BBQ – Austin Lalo’s (Breakfast Burrito) – Chicago Midway Pegasus (Spinach Pie) – Chicago Midway Rubio’s Fish Tacos – San Diego Figs – New York LaGuardia Corky’s BBQ – Memphis Martin’s – San Juan, PR The sushi restaurant […]

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