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Archive | January, 2008

Does love trump evil?

Ty Inc. and Target have both been busted for shameless horrible behavior. Ty is proudly selling lead-tainted toys to children  Target is sending shills to infiltrate Facebook A few people blogged it, but most people ignored it. These incidents are far worse that Wal-mart’s blogging fiasco, the fact that Whole Food’s CEO is a serial […]

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If you’re thinking of writing a book

THE 10 AWFUL TRUTHS ABOUT BOOK PUBLISHING by Steven Piersanti, President, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, July 26, 2007 (original article)   1. The number of new books being published in the U.S. has exploded. Bowker reports that 291,922 new books were published in the U.S. in 2006 (Publishers Weekly, June 18, 2007). This includes 47,203 new books […]

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We’re hiring

We’re looking for all sorts of smart people.  All jobs are in Chicago. Read this:  Tell a friend! What we do, what we believe GasPedal is a little consulting firm that has a huge impact on the future of business. We’re about one big idea: Companies that make people happy are more successful. Businesses […]

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Your customers are better writers than you

All marketers struggle with great copywriting.  We want it to be genuine, snappy, and effective. But it’s hard to sit there day after day and put out fresh words. It’s harder to get excited about products that you see day in and day out. Solution:  Let your customers do it for you. All you need […]

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Andy Nulman and the power of surprise

Andy Nulman is a smart guy – and a fun guy.  We share enthusiasm for the power of humor, surprise, and love in business.  He really understand humor more that the average guy … he started the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival and has worked with the world’s biggest comics. Read his blog: Pow! Right […]

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Is Ritz’s legendary customer service only legendary?

Ritz-Carlton is famous for their amazing customer service.  Pundits (including myself) write about their inspired policies, including that any employee has authority to fix any problem on the spot. I stayed in their New Orleans hotel Nov. 8.  They forgot my breakfast order. That’s ok, mistakes happen.  Did they fix it?  Not really. Strike 1: […]

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Are you a juggie?

There are two kinds of people in the workplace.  Those that replace the empty jug on the water cooler an those that pretend not to see it.

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How to keep your online reputation pristine

From a great column by Lenora Chuin Fortune Small Business about managing negative word of mouth: When Chancellor Hotel property manager Wes Tyler first began monitoring TripAdvisor for reviews written about his Chancellor Hotel in San Francisco, he found that most were positive. But a few were excoriating, which he says "scared me to death." […]

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Mitch Joel: Word of Mouth and Podcasting

Mitch Joel is a fantastic podcaster.  He interviewed me at the innovation conference.  I recommend listening to his show to really understand what all this social media stuff is about. We had a great conversation about word of mouth marketing.  My favorite bits from the interview: Why would you pay to run an ad […]

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