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Archive | May, 2008

Marketing is not an emergency

A great reminder from Valeria Maltoni: Marketing is not an emergency. It’s a planned, thoughtful exercise that started a long time ago and doesn’t end until you’re done. Are you all running around with your hair on fire all the time? That is marketing in an emergency – reactive, ineffective, still catching up with your […]

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Why companies should be blogging

A classic from John Moore: Social Media helps small companies look bigger and helps big companies get smaller. Meaning, a small company can have a big presence online with customers through using social media. Conversely, a big company can get ‘smaller’ because social media connects companies to customers on a very personal level. Watch this […]

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Instant word of mouth for restaurants

Give every lunch customer 6 desserts to take back to the office. Give them one desert and they will eat it.  Give them 6 and they will to announce to everyone that they just ate at your restaurant and you gave them snacks to share. Lesson:  One free sample is interesting.  Lots of samples turn […]

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Employees rewarding each other

Matt Blumberg, CEO of Return Path, is a damn good CEO.  Read his blog. Take a look at Return Path’s employee rewards program.  It’s such a classic that I’m shamelessly copying the whole thing.  The best part: employees are encouraged to give rewards to each other.   If you see something, say something! Catch your […]

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Think Less. Play More.

Michael Glenn and Jennifer Sauvageau taught us the art and skill of Sphereplay at Gel 2008.  It was a fantastic way to focus the body to free the mind.  (Definitely hire them for your next event!)

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Create stuff to be stolen.  Free graphics, cool charts, great research, mixable music. If it’s interesting, people will take it and stick it on their blogs, powerpoints, and emails.  They will advertise you for free. The classics: 1. Hugh MacLeod’s amazing cartoons.  (Read about how giving away the art has turned into fame and a […]

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Building bridges at GEL

The Mark Hurst’s Good Experience Live conference is an amazing collection of big-vision/big-thinker speakers that open up your mind and get you thinking creatively. The first day of the event is full of activities to loosen you up and open your mind.  Tours of cheese shops, city tours, and other things that most of us […]

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Will it blend?

Will it Blend is the viral phenomenon of the year. These simple videos from Blendtec have made them famous. Results include a 500% increase in sales and amazing search engine placement.  Now they won a Clio Award.  Viral agencies that charge six figures for a campaign must be cringing at this proof that great viral […]

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Personality counts

Rohit Bhargava is hosting a fantastic collection of essay to promote his book "Personality Not Included: Why Companies Lose Their Authenticity And How Great Brands Get it Back" (This is a proven word of mouth technique. Invite people to contribute to a group project and they will talk about their contribution.) Here’s my essay: Personality […]

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