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Archive | August, 2009

WD-40: A true fan will support you anytime, anywhere

Word of mouth marketing is about finding and supporting your true fans. Watch this story of how a passionate WD-40 supporter is always ready to lend a hand: Remember, folks — this is a can of spray lubricant. If they've got fans, you can have fans. No excuses: Your customers love you, your partners need […]

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Why do magazines give us all those subscription cards?

Because it works. If it didn’t, they’d save the time and money. This is an important lesson in advertising strategy: Watch for techniques that have been used for many years. When you see the same thing used again and again, it means two things: It works, or the advertiser is stupid. (But stupid advertisers run […]

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4 tips for a good viral video that your boss will like too: 1 Bedroom, 400 Baths

A viral video is much more likely to succeed when it has a sense of humor — but it doesn't need to be stupid, wacky, or juvenile. You can still make an entertaining video, even for a more conservative company. I love this example from ZooCasa, by word of mouth master Saul Colt.  4 tips […]

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Friends: It’s quality, not quantity

The Louisville Free Public Library suffered $5 million in damage from a flash flood earlier this month. Steve Lawson, a librarian in Colorado, read about it — and wrote a single blog post asking for donations to help. It got picked up by a local radio station and mega-blog Boing Boing. Here's the post. So […]

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Newsletter #746: The “Promote Your Customers” Issue

{Welcome back to the Damn, I Wish I Thought of That Email Newsletter. This is text of the great issue all of our email subscribers just received. Sign yourself up using the handy form on the left.} If you supply your customers with the stuff that helps them run their businesses, you've got a vested […]

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Candyland: A larger-than-life publicity stunt

Hasbro turned Lombard Street in San Francisco into a life-sized Candyland board for the game's 60th anniversary. It's a fantastic example of a great publicity stunt: Simple idea, visual (news choppers were orbiting overhead), lots of people could participate, and it's fun. I'm always flabbergasted by the companies who spend a fortune on a tricked-out […]

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It’s the frosting, not the cake

Tervis Tumblers are these insulated plastic drinking glasses that people in Florida are absolutely crazy passionate about. (It’s the kind of product that people give as gifts because they are so excited that they want you to like it too.) After 60 years of selling the same product, how do they keep people talking about […]

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Explain to your boss why you risked the company’s reputation with an illegal stealth marketing campaign

TechCrunch has outed Reverb Communication for posting fake reviews for iPhone Apps. They sell a service where their PR clients pay them to post fake reviews in the App Store. Apple should ban both Reverb and all their clients for one year. TechCrunch should win an award for continued excellence in uncovering sleaze. Remember, paying […]

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Want customer involvement? Keep it simple

One of the best tests of a good brand:  Does your mom know what you do for a living? (Mom, I teach word of mouth marketing.) Get Satisfaction is one of the smartest companies in the user-generated feedback business. But their model is a little unusual. That’s why I love this contest:  “Describe Get Satisfaction […]

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