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Archive | August, 2009

Remarkable name tags start conversations

Every trade show is awkward at the beginning. Most people aren’t comfortable talking with strangers. A truly awesome name tag breaks the ice by helping with the small talk. These examples from LEGO’s BrickWorld event do something else important: They recognize returning participants and make them feel extra special. They are rewarded for their loyalty […]

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Remember the NB205-N310

If people can't remember the name of your product — you lose. You get zero word of mouth, because no one can tell a friend what you are Your advertising is wasted, because no one can go to the store and ask for it Even a fantastic review does no good, because no one will […]

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Newsletter #745: The “Behind the Scenes” Issue

Take fans behind the scenes, give them the dorky details, and let them see the passion behind it all. Here's what to show them:    1> How it's made      2> Who made it     3> Where it's from      4> Check it out: What's That Bug? 1> How it's made Your biggest fans love […]

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8% of companies have fired someone for Facebook idiocy

When we’re in college, we can do whatever we want on Facebook. Then we get hired. Nobody explains how the rules are different or what’s acceptable and professional. The change in culture, plus the lack of information, is what causes trouble for the employee and employer. Here’s a great article with the details from Mashable […]

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Don’t let them walk out the door without something to share

Your hottest referral is the person who walks out of your business and tells the next person they see, “Hey, I was just at ____.” You can make it happen every time: Just put something interesting in their hand. Give them a handout, a sticker, a coupon, a snack. It doesn’t matter what it is […]

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Give every customer a snapshot to share

They take your picture whenever you go to an amusement park or cruise ship. Then they try to sell it to you for 20 bucks. What a great way to kill the word of mouth. It’s short-sighted behavior, looking at the quick cash instead of the long-term referrals. Here’s what I would do: Give every […]

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Don’t tolerate the scam artists

I bet you’ve seen this kind of scam before: An advertisement in the mail that is designed to look like a bill. It’s the worst kind of scummery because companies like this base their entire business on lying to people. They plan on the receptionist opening the mail, assuming it’s a real bill, and forwarding […]

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Super easy

Want to get people to change their behavior?  Take away the excuses. When I bought a new cell phone from Amazon, it included this envelope to recycle my old one.  If it hadn’t been for the envelope, I would have thrown the old phone in a drawer.  HP does the same thing with used toner […]

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Newsletter #744: The “One Man’s Trash” Issue

{Welcome back to the Damn, I Wish I Thought of That Email Newsletter. This is text of the great issue all of our email subscribers just received. Sign yourself up using the handy form on the left.} One man's trash is the smart marketer's treasure. With a little creativity, you can find opportunities to turn […]

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