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Archive | November, 2010

Be a polite company — ask first, please

When is the last time you were asked about an auto-renew charge? We sign up for these services that charge us yearly, and we’re always unpleasantly surprised when the annual charge shows up. That’s why I was thrilled when Pandora sent me this nice note, reminding me that I was about to be charged: We […]

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Learning to be a Chief Customer Officer

I highly recommend Jeanne Bliss’ “Virtual Chief Customer Officer Bootcamp” (and her books too). You’ll get slides, tools, videos, and all types of resources for the brave customer crusaders of the world! More about the boot camp here.

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You forgot to ask if I wanted more

I was on a flight with wireless internet. I booted up, checked it out, and decided I didn’t want to spend the money for this flight. But I might next time. By checking out their page, I gave them a huge hint that I’m a qualified prospect. Too bad they didn’t ask for my email, […]

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We’ll look at your ads if they are presented in a sensible way

Give me a list of TV channels in my hotel room. That’s helpful. Put a relevant ad next to it. I won’t mind (and I might appreciate it). Especially if it’s something I need just then. If you want me to look at your ad, put it where it’s useful, timely, and not interrupting me.

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Why did you add me to your email list?

I didn’t ask. That means it’s spam. Simple as that. You’re not special. You hate it when people add you to to their spam list. So why would you add “just a few people you think are interested.” Even if they are, they now think you’re an idiot or an ass because you think you […]

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200 great new ideas in 2 days

The difference between OK and excellent is the little detail around the edges. It’s the tiny things that make you fantastic. When we produce an event, every member of our team carries these little Idea Capture Pads. We write down every little thing we see that could be better. And I mean everything, however small: […]

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Newsletter #809: The “Why Not?” Issue

Welcome back to the Damn, I Wish I Thought of That! newsletter. This is text of the great issue all of our email subscribers just received. Sign yourself up using the handy form on the right.] Most marketers ask “why?” — but the great ones usually ask “why not?” Here are a few fantastic examples of […]

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Fire the D-grunts, save the Gomos

Sam Parker reports that 29 out of 100 of us are engaged (Smovers: people who smile & move) 54 of 100 are not engaged (Gomos: people who go through the motions) 17 of 100 are actively disengaged (D-grunts: people who are disgruntled) Fire the disgruntled immediately. They are poison in your company. Try to save […]

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Ask for permission, don’t force it

I signed up to get a free chapter of a book. Buried in the fine print was, “you agree to allow us to contact you and provide information on products and services”. So they want to spam me. Permission has to be given willingly. Reluctant permission is bad permission. If someone doesn’t realize that they’re […]

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