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Archive | December, 2010

Have you taken a moment to say thank you?

I really appreciated this post from David Armano, thanking his team at Edelman for a great year. He also shares a great quote about the rewards of being on a great team: I once heard Richard Edelman tell a story about being the best stone mason in the world vs. having the ability to build […]

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Ciabatta Bread — Important Public Service Announcement

Dear Airport Sandwich Seller: We know that the “ciabatta bread” that you try to make sound all fancy is really just a thick stale roll that you use so we won’t know that your roll is stale. Just wanted you to know that we know. Thanks! P.S. Think about this when you try to shortcut […]

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Want to change behavior? Make it easier.

Want people to use refillable bottles? Give them a bottle. The simple solution in this picture (plus a dishwasher to clean the used bottles) makes it impossible to not think about the benefits of refillable bottles. Don’t scold, demand, or pressure people into changing. Show them how instead — and make it easier. (I strongly […]

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SAP’s video case study: Using Social Media “Reporters” to Energize a Corporate Event, presented by Brian Ellefritz

Come to BlogWell: How Big Brands Use Social Media on February 2 to hear Toyota, Texas Instruments, REI, Kellogg’s, Dell, Coldwell Banker, Sabre Holdings, and InterContinental Hotels Group share social media case studies. You’ll learn how to get started, get past roadblocks, and make your social media program phenomenal — and you’ll see some brilliant […]

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Emphasize what’s different

Most books are the same: Lots of words, minimal design. Which means that all ebook readers are pretty much the same. They let you read a book. So how can you compete when your competitors do the same thing as you? Find one core feature and emphasize it. Talk about the point of difference. Apple […]

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Finding fans, one day at a time

My old friend John Ackermann is an amazing musician, and is in the awesome Seattle band “Awesome.” John started posting a song a day, every day, on this blog. A single post hooks people. And the daily posts kept bringing them back for more. Stop trying for that home run amazing post that will go […]

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Give the kids a great experience — get a new customer

University Federal Credit Union offers a 3% interest rate on checking for kids. That’s a lot more than the grown-up rate. This is a smart promotion. Parents like me will bring their kids to open their first savings account. The great interest rate will teach the kids about the benefit of banking. How long until […]

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Happy Holiday Sucky Crap + Star Wars

Enjoy the rarely seen, unbelievably awful 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special. Must be seen to be believed. P.S. The commercials are great. P.S.S. There’s a great lesson here from George Lucas about why you should pay attention when delegating.

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What is your ONE BIG MISSION?

Want to be known? Want to be great? Want to win? Pick one big thing and fight for it. Let it define you. Let people know what you stand for. Rahm Emanuel is running for mayor of Chicago. He has committed to: “a single mission: to ensure that every child—in every school and every neighborhood—has […]

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