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Archive | March, 2012

How to join conversations about your brand

When people are talking about you, it’s OK to participate. In fact, it’s expected. A great response program can turn around any bad conversations and amplify the good ones. But how do you develop a great response program? How do you know which conversations to respond to and which to ignore? How do you help […]

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Teaching is better than marketing

Big idea: Teach your customers how to use your products, and they’ll buy more products. Give them a great experience and they’ll be a customer for life. Woodcraft is a chain of high-end woodworking supplies stores. If you’re crafty, it’s the kind of place you go in and dream of doing fantastic projects. They also […]

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Newsletter #877: The “Great Pictures Make for Great Business” Issue

Hi there! I need your help. My book is coming out in paperback and we’re hoping to get it stocked everywhere. You can help make it happen by pre-ordering a copy today. There are some great bonuses for pre-ordering — and if you like this newsletter, you’ll love the book. Great copy can do incredible things, but […]

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Do it right, or don’t do it at all

Midwest Express Airlines was famous for amazing customer service. Most noteworthy, they always baked fresh chocolate-chip cookies on every flight. The airline, the smell, and the word of mouth was legendary. There was deep customer love for this brand. They’ve since been rolled up with some other airlines into what is now Frontier. The service […]

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How to create a fan community

When you bring people together who love your stuff and believe in what you do, amazing conversations happen. Some of the greatest word of mouth stories of all time are the direct result of vibrant fan communities. They don’t happen overnight, and they do require effort and support from you — but the payoff can […]

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A fly in the sushi

It’s a fantastic new sushi chain. Clever concept, great decor, sophisticated design, fun for the kids. The restaurants are stylish, modern, and fun. It’s ready to go national and they’re looking for franchisees. But there is a loud wide-screen TV that ruins it all. The mood is broken by noisy TV commercials (for a pizza […]

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Authenticity has to be authentic

You can’t create “authenticity” in the Branding Department. It’s not something marketers can invent. (That would be the opposite of authentic.) Run away screaming if you’re in a meeting to “create authenticity.” But you can unveil it, demonstrate it, and let people see what makes you real. Example: There are some stunning BBQ food trucks […]

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Do you really need that?

Anything that slows down the purchase process is a bad thing. Example: Does your web shopping cart ask what kind of credit card the customer is using? Your form can figure it out from the card number. One less step = faster checkout = happier customer = more word of mouth and repeat visits. Step […]

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Our emotions can get the best of us. We don’t know why we feel what we do, and we don’t know what do to about it. Chip Conley gave me an advance copy of his new book, Emotional Equations, and it can definitely help. He lays out a fascinating framework to help you understand why […]

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