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Archive | March, 2013

Fight for every unsubscribe

An email subscriber is incredibly valuable: They’ve given you permission to advertise to them, again and again. There’s no other kind of advertising like this where people ask for it. When they want to unsubscribe, honor the request efficiently (or you’ll piss them off) … but you should make a good-hearted, good-humored attempt to keep […]

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Should I pay for referrals?

Dear Andy: A client of mine wants to have a referral program with his clients and wants to compensate those that give him new clients. I’m looking at a few solutions but thought I’d run it by you. Any thoughts? – LH Hi LH – My advice is always NEVER to provide incentives for referrals, […]

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Newsletter #929: The “Make It a Reality” Issue

[Welcome back to the Damn, I Wish I’d Thought of That! newsletter. This is text of the great issue all of our email subscribers just received. Sign yourself up using the handy form on the right.] Sometimes getting everyone’s attention means letting your imagination (or your fans’ imaginations) become a reality. People love to talk about when […]

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1,500 Calories of Pure Love

Word of mouth is spread by people who have something to share. Something special, something unknown, something outrageous. (No one tells their friends about an obvious thing that everyone knows. No one ever called you up and said, “Have you heard about chocolate? It’s great!”) Chipotle has given their fans a reason to talk with […]

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Being customer focused = ROI

Here’s a guest post Drew McLellan, CEO and Top Dog at McLellan Marketing Group wrote for our project. Check it out for more great word of mouth marketing tips like this every day. I recently read about a study done by the world famous company, Peer Insight (you’ll find them in Businessweek on a regular […]

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Celebrate your customer’s progress

Creating an email newsletter is hard. A good one takes weeks of work. That’s why we were thrilled with this pat on the back from MailChimp. (We got a T-shirt, too.) Your job: Figure out how to make your customers feel GREAT about working with you.

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Little things that make the big things work

We spend so much time writing on the web these days. Social networks, online docs, and blogs are just the start of it. One of the things that enabled this to happen: Firefox added a spell-checker to the browser. (Other browsers soon followed.) That little innovation made it seem so much more normal to type […]

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Easily preventing a bad situation

It’s always a mess when you get to the doctor’s office and get a surprisingly large bill. That’s why I was so impressed when my new doctor left me this voicemail: Hi Andy, We called your insurance company for you and confirmed that the bill for this visit will be $84. We look forward to […]

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Instantly impress your newest customer

What’s the opposite of Batteries Not Included? How about: We give you everything. We’ve all been burned by an expensive purchase that we couldn’t use because it was missing batteries, cables, toner, or something else. Superlux headphones make you instantly happy when you open the package. You get a carrying case, short and long cables, an […]

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