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3 ways to hold more remarkable events

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Holding an event can be an exciting (and sometimes stressful) way to raise more awareness for your business and to help people get to know you. But if you’re putting so much work into having a great event, why not make it easy for people to spread the word?

Here are three ways to make your events more buzzworthy:

1. Don’t make them about you
2. Help your best talkers out
3. Make someone feel special

1. Don’t make them about you

Johnson & Johnson is already one of the most advertised brands in the world. They don’t need an event focused on their Band-Aids and baby shampoo, they need one people will actually tell their friends about. So every year, Johnson & Johnson has an employee art exhibition. By putting the spotlight on their employees, the company inspires people to talk about them in new ways and energize love for their brand. Remember: Your event doesn’t have to have a lot to do with your business to get people to talk about it.

2. Help your best talkers out

Even without a physical retail location, Magic: The Gathering, a fantasy trading card game, still gets their fans together through their best influencers: game stores. Magic gives these niche stores all the supplies they need to host one of their events — a win for both companies. The stores give Magic a place to gather their fans together, and Magic gives the stores a great opportunity to get more customers in the door.

3. Make someone feel special

Don’t overthink ways to make your customers feel important. Sometimes all it takes is doing something nice for a specific group of people — no rewards program necessary. For example, on National Burger Day, Smashburger held an event to give customers with “burger” or “berger” in their names, you guessed it, a burger. It’s that simple. Plus, you can bet every Berger and Burgermeister got a call from their friends who heard about the event.

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