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Who’s filming you? How would you look?

Watch the latest angry-customer viral video:  An airline passenger stuck on a plane, who interviewed the pilot and put it on YouTube.  Read the comments here and here.

This is the latest in a series that features Comcast, AOL, and … your company? 

Important lessons for all businesses:

  1. Every one of your customers is holding a camera (on their phone).  In a year or so they will have a video camera.
  2. Everything you do is on the permanent record … there are no isolated bad-service incidents. Companies that treat people poorly will hear about it in reviews, messages boards, and videos.
  3. Bad news travels fast … but how does the good news get out there?

Start thinking about ways to get the positive experiences and happy moments on the permanent record. Video booth in your stores? Asking fans to post their favorite moments?

I recommend being cool and friendly to all the people, all the time.

P.S. Congrats to David Ollila of V.I.O., Inc. who did the video — and sells the camera used to make it. You hit the viral promotion home run … with a genuinely relevant demonstration instead of a silly gimmick video. 

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