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Go big or stay small?

I shared some entrepreneurial advice in a Fortune Small Business story by Emily Maltby: … [If] you are struggling with the decision of quitting your day job to pursue this full time, a dilemma that many young entrepreneurs face. "You need to make a lifestyle choice," Sernovitz says. "Either remain as a small boutique with […]

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Entrepreneurial Adventure

You hear this phrase often from real entrepreneurs:  "My latest entrepreneurial adventure" Not venture … adventure. Here’s a clue to all those considering starting your own thing:  If you can’t describe it as a fun, exciting, life-changing adventure — don’t do it. Same advice goes for you experienced entrepreneurs — if it’s not still an […]

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The Shortcut

I wish I wrote the following … but Quinn McDonald said it better. I get a call like this every day. (Read the original full post here.) The voice on the phone could have been any business call I get in the course of a day. “I’m an artist, and a coach, and I teach […]

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Psychological secrets of successful entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs old and new … check out this column I wrote for Center Networks about some of the emotional tricks necessary to win the startup game.  They running a month-long series of smart guest columns. Andy’s Tips – Psychological Secrets of Successful Startups In the end, it’s not brains, or good ideas, or money that […]

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Hey, Entrepreneurs: TAKE A DAY OFF!

Dear Entrepreneur: It’s a holiday weekend.  You need to turn off your computer, take a deep breath, and relax for a few minutes. Why? Everyone else is relaxing.  Don’t be bugging them with emails over the holiday. Your job is to convince people that you are a "real" CEO of a "real" company.  It’s hard […]

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