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How to get people to blog about your event

1. Ask them to. 2. Give them ready-to-paste graphics. 3. Give them ready-to-paste text.  Great examples from BlogHer and Blog Business Summit.  Lesson: If you want word of mouth, you need to make it easy, easy, easy. People are happy to talk about you, but not if it’s going to be a big hassle.

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Managing email overload

Fast Company has a great article about how companies are helping their employees manage email overload.  I love the fact that companies are starting to understand that email management is a skill that can be taught — and that teaching it makes employees happier and companies more productive. Highlights: Capital One teaches a class on […]

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How to get word of mouth for your blog (Part 2)

Here’s a presentation I gave to Microsoft on how to get word of mouth for your blog.  More ideas here, too.  If you want people to talk about your blog, you need: Fantastic content worth talking about: This matters most! Easy to share: Tools and techniques to accelerate WOM Emotion & ego: Make people feel […]

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