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Show your thanks — and show that you mean it

We’re a big supporter of Charity:Water here at GasPedal. With the help of our conference attendees and friends, we raised $10,000 to build two wells for villages without safe water. So we were happy to get this nice thank you video from Paull Young. And we were thrilled to see it personalized, genuine, and all […]

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More about the Heinz commercial contest

Last week I wrote about the Heinz create-a-commercial contest. I talked about how a good, fun contest is a great way to get people to watch your commercials for free.  It doesn’t matter if the consumer-created commercials are good or bad.  It’s about all those people who sit there watching them for fun. (Yes, people […]

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Wasn’t expecting that …

Bonus happy points to Verizon and UPS for two great customer service moments in the same day. #1) I called Verizon to ask if I would have to pay roaming in Puerto Rico. I got a decent answer.  Then …much to my surprise… the operator called me back to clarify what she told me and […]

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Genuine heartstrings – and a reason to come back

There is no charity quite like Donors Choose. The concept is simple. Real teachers list projects that they need money for.  You pick the teacher, pick the project, and pay for it. It’s far more satisfying than sending money to a big anonymous fund. But the home run moment is when you get a big […]

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Turning your customers into advocates

Coffee Cup Software has an amazing page on their site where you can ask 100 real customer what they think about their products.  We’re talking about the ability to email real customers, and get those people’s unfiltered feelings about the company.  It’s such a fantastic demonstration of trust and confidence in their products. Check this […]

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Funny = Money

Being remarkable pays off. Check out this hysterical listing on eBay for a pack of $10 Pokemon cards that sold for $142.51.  Why? Because the description was so fun, real, and entertaining that people wanted to help the seller. The page has 179,000 visitors, 101 comments, 800+ people tracking the auction, and 53 bids. Most […]

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Personal attention = great word of mouth

Here’s a great story from Suzie Robinson of Atria PR. She’s also president-elect of the Dallas PRSA chapter, who hosted me for a big lunch keynote last week. Suzie shares a story about an online music company that is obsessive about customer service – Sweetwater: One of my husband’s co-workers suggested this company and now […]

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Trevor, the Mento’s Intern

Tell Trevor to jump in a lake. Right now you can go to and see Trevor. You can give him a task. You can make him do stupid things.  And he will do it, live and on the web. Fun, fun, funny.  Mento’s knows how to cultivate and participate in a consumer fad better […]

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How can we show you our appreciation? Just ask.

AccuQuote has a really interesting blog. They sell life insurance. (Read it here.) Lesson 1: Any company can blog well. It’s not what you sell, it’s what you say.  If you are interested in your stuff then your customers will be, too. Sean Cheyney, their VP of Marketing, was a guest speaker in the class […]

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