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Welcome Back, Sucrets

We all have childhood memories of those metal Sucrets boxes.  Our treasured collections, mom’s sewing supplies, a home for pet bugs. Those boxes were the essence of priceless, 75-year-old brand.  Irreplaceable. So, inevitably, some moron (or committee) decided to switch to cheap-o plastic boxes. What an efficient want to kill word of mouth and brand […]

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Contest: Free Wine for Great WOM

The cool folks at Purple Wine sent me 12 bottles of Avalon and Capolan.  Good stuff! So I’m having a fancy and sophisticated contest: Free Wine for Great Word of Mouth. What to do: Send me stories of great word of mouth. Use this form or comment on this post. I will pick my favorites […]

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Purple Wine: Simplified brands = word of mouth

Purple Wine Company has a really great, really simple concept to help spread word of mouth about their wines: One brand = One flavor.  They have six wines, each with it’s own brand and flavor. For example: Capolan = Merlot, Avalon = Cabernet Savingon, and Mark West = Pinot. Think of it this way … […]

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Laugh a little: 7-Eleven becomes Kwik-E-Mart

In a really clever promotion for the new Simpsons movie, 7-Eleven is turning 12 stores around the country into the fictional Kwik-E-Mart from the TV show.  Even better, national manufacturers are creating real versions of the fictional products from the show (Malt-o-Meal is creating Krusty-Os), and Slurpees are becoming Sqwishees. Here’s why this is so […]

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Elementeo, My Dear Watson

You never know where word of mouth comes from.  You never know which random person is going to talk to another, or which path leads to your next opportunity. Example:  I read a blog post somewhere (can’t remember, probably VentureBeat), about 13-year old Anshul Samar who started a hot company called Elementeo to teach chemistry […]

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Ahhh…. AT&T

Called AT&T to get a phone line fixed.Got disconnected.They called right back … and said "I’m so sorry we got disconnected." They were proactive, polite, and apologetic.So meaningful, and so easy to do. Nicely done, AT&T! Refreshing!

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Sun’s Blackbox

Sometimes it’s the frosting, not the cake. Word of mouth sometimes comes from doing something substantive and fantastic.  And sometimes if comes from something that may not be core to the product but gets people talking. Sun delivers their new servers ready-to-run in a shipping container, called Project Blackbox.  Pretty cool, definitely worth talking about. […]

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Marriott gets it!

So, I’m stuck in the third circle of hell (also known as Dallas-Fort Worth Airport), due to weather delays, along with 10,000 of my closest sweaty angry friends.  11 pm, no flights, no cabs, no hotels. Trying to get to Austin.  Grr. I call the Marriott service line. They do everything right. They find me […]

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It’s not about the mistakes, it’s how you handle them

Important lesson: It’s not when you screw up, it’s how you fix it that counts. We all make mistakes, but a problem solved is one of the best ways to get people talking about you. (That may actually be more of a sad comment on the state of customer service these days … that we’re […]

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