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eBay Live! 2007 Roundup

eBay Live! is an amazing event.  It flows with incredible raw entrepreneurial energy – there is nothing else like it. All entrepreneurs should get there every year for a recharge, even if you don’t sell on eBay.

I gave a keynote, alongside Meg Whitman, Suze Orman, Seth Godin, and John Janstch.  And Kool and that Gang, who had great music, but terrible PowerPoint skills.

I met so many people that I’ll do a summary here and a few follow up posts.

1. Thank you to Sharon Guldner for inviting me back for the third year in a row.  She’s opened by eyes to the eBay community and I’m grateful to be a part of it. And she puts up with all my logistical needs.  Additional thanks to eBay’s Mike Fox, Robin Schultz, and the crew from event producer Jack Morton Worldwide:  Bari Kartowski, Sarah Kodner & Jessica Israel.

2. Podcast. Pre-event I was interviewed for a podcast by the legendary Janelle Elms of the Online Success Institute.  I had no idea she was such a star until I walked into the convention center, and everyone started telling me “I heard your interview with Janelle”. The podcast is here.

3. 700 Toobees.  More on that in a future post. Watch this.

Cimg1179 Cimg11804. Speech #1 was for the eBay Education Specialists.  100+ people who teach eBay classes in local communities.  Be sure to look them up if you want to be a better eBay seller.  Met some really interesting people and signed 100+. Here’s a great writeup by Danna

5. Speech #2 was the big keynote.  eBay has great energy – there was far more WOO HOO than I normally get from a business audience. A total blast.

6. Book Signing. After the keynote I was supposed to do a book signing, but all the books had sold out in the time it took me to walk to the bookstore.  If you want a signed book, I am selling them on eBay and here. If you want it faster, buy from Amazon or your local bookstore.

7. Link roundup. Thank you to all the bloggers who wrote about the speech.  Here are the ones I’ve seen so far:

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