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Newsletter #755: The “Find a Partner” Issue

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You don’t always have to go it alone. The next time you’re about to do something big, take a minute to think if there are any similar companies that could join in for some mutual benefits. Three ideas to get you started:

1> For a sampling
2> For an event
3> For a neighbor
4> Check it out: Let me Google that for you

1> For a giveaway

If you’re looking to get your products in the hands of a bunch of potential new customers, find someone who knows these buyers really well. Shutterfly recently teamed up with Amazon to offer a free online photo album to anyone who had recently bought a digital camera. Look for partnership opportunities with those who sell to your customers. If you can offer a great related sample or giveaway, you’ve got the chance to meet a bunch of customers that may be looking for what you’re offering.

The Lesson: Just because a company sells to the same people doesn’t make them a competitor. Instead, look for ways to partner with these brands.

2> For an event

If you’re looking to throw an event or host a big PR stunt, you can double your buzz by partnering with another brand. Microsoft and Burger King Japan recently partnered to release a 7-patty burger in honor of the release of Windows 7. It weights nearly 2 pounds, contains more than 2,000 calories, and costs more than $15. You shouldn’t eat it, but it’s definitely worth talking about. The promotion is a great example of an event made bigger and better by both brands participating — and one that both benefit from.

The Lesson: Double your potential audience for your next big event by finding a great partner brand.

Learn More:

3> For a neighbor

When looking for partnership opportunities, don’t forget your neighbors. Chicago’s Old Town Pub offers discounts to residents in the neighboring apartment complex, Cobbler Square. In turn, management puts up signs all over the building pointing their residents next door. Other neighborhood partnership opportunities include coordinated sales events, block parties, and shared parking lots.

The Lesson: Look around you. Your next great partnership might be next door.

4> Check it out: Let me Google that for you

Tired of people bothering you with questions they could have found faster by searching online? Try “Let me Google that for you” — where you can show your peers how to find what they’re looking for.

Check it out:

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