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Comment, Moderation, and Disclosure Policies

I work hard to make this a great blog, and I’m glad you’re here.

You are invited to comment, and I look forward to hearing what you have to say. Comments are open but I’ll delete those that are off-topic, spammy, overly self-promotional, abusive, inappropriate, or uncivil in any way. You can say what you want on your own blog, but you can’t use mine unless you’re cool about it.

My comment form isn’t a place for you to advertise. If you abuse it, there is a good chance that I will publicly make fun of you.

Feel free to debate or disagree with me, but please identify yourself as I do here. It’s hard to have a good conversation with someone hiding behind an alias. Anonymity has an important role online, but it also empowers anyone who wants to disrupt and destroy a conversation without contributing. Disclosure forces people to be honest and take responsibility for their own words.

This blog follows Shel Israel’s fantastic Living Room Policy:

“If you came into my home and were rude to another guest, I would ask you to stop. If you continued to be rude, I would ask you to leave. From this point forward, this is what I will do. If I feel you are being abusive, hogging the conversation or otherwise discouraging the open exchange of legitimate points of view. I will ask you to be more polite. If you ignore the request, I will ban you from further comments. I call this the Living Room Rule and I will enforce it subjectively. … If you have something to say, and you want to be credible, you will need to identify yourself, and I encourage you also to identify where you are coming from, so that others may assess how strongly they wish to value your opinions.”


I have tons of biases, preferences, and personal opinions. Here are the big ones:

  • There is a detailed disclosure statement for all of my companies, projects, and websites here.
  • I own a company called GasPedal, which operates and
  • Lots of people pay me for advice. I like that! You can see my client list here, which is reasonably current. I shamelessly and proudly say really nice things about them.
  • These organizations pay me to make speeches. I say nice things about them too.
  • You can assume that at any given time I’m trying to get more clients, and that I’ll say nice things about people that I want to impress.
  • I used to be CEO of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, but I do not work there anymore. I do not speak for them or their members in any way.
  • People often send me free stuff because I’m a word of mouth talker. I disclose clearly where it’s relevant and reasonable. But how often do you need to hear that Dell gave me an awesome computer in 2007?

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