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Share Andy Nulman’s amazing manifesto and enter to win a signed copy of Pow! Right Between the Eyes!

Next up in our Word of Mouth Book Club series is Andy Nulman’s Pow! Right Between the Eyes: Profiting from the Power of Surprise. Andy is a brilliant marketer, entrepreneur, and sole owner of the title, “Prince of Pow!” His book is an eye-opening look at the power and potential of surprise marketing.

We’re sharing an amazing manifesto Andy wrote based on his book, and we’ve got 10 autographed copies to give away.

Andy’s manifesto is a poetic ode to the unsung and underutilized power of surprise in modern-day business. Here’s a taste:

In a world without Surprise
No more “Can’t believe my eyes!”
What you’d see is truly—only—what you’d get
Life would plod along as planned
All supply and no demand
Muffled colors, dreary skies
In a world with no Surprise

Download the manifesto and win your own signed copy (and check out Andy’s bonus surprise exam): Click here

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