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An Important Memo to Business Travelers Everywhere

Dear Traveling Businessman: I often see you using the baby-changing station in the airport bathroom as a dressing table for yourself. Yuck. Outside of an actual open sewer, this is the most poop and pee-covered surface you’ll encounter. I’m glad you chose to rub your nice suit and suitcase all over it — then drag […]

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$5 to make hundreds of customers happy

A simple $5 power-outlet splitter in a hotel room makes life easier for hundreds of travelers who stay there. Why doesn’t every airport and hotel invest $500 and create 100 power stations like this? Travelers would be much less stressed, which would make it easier on everyone — especially the staff who has to deal […]

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Breaking habits

The loudspeaker at O’Hare Airport has been explaining the 3-1-1 liquids rule every 20 minutes, for 10 years, to people who are already past security and already know the rule. This was probably a helpful announcement at one time, and maybe worth repeating. But now they’re in a rut — doing it because they have […]

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Recombobulation: The power of a little humor

One simple sign in Milwaukee’s airport changes a stressful situation into a laugh-out-loud moment: This unexpected humor has resulted in great news coverage, blog posts, social media sharing, and even an urban legend that it’s a real thing. Sometimes there are going to be difficult and uncomfortable moments in what you do. What are you […]

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