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Make great promises

Amazon gets right to the point with this offer. It gets right to the fear that might stop you from buying a tablet for your kids — and answers it convincingly. It creates a new reason to buy at the same time: I should get this so my kids don’t break my tablet. Most important: It’s […]

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Is your PR firm embarrassing you?

Every blogger and reporter is flooded with bad, irrelevant PR pitches. It’s embarrassing to your company, it doesn’t work, and it burns bridges with journalists that you depend on for future good press. David Segal in the NY Times breaks down how it happens — and how to fix it. (Full column here.) Swatting at a Swarm of […]

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Newsletter #881: The “Have Some Fun With It” Issue

Hi there! I need your help. My book is coming out in paperback and we’re hoping to get it stocked everywhere. You can help make it happen by pre-ordering a copy today. There are some great bonuses for pre-ordering — and if you like this newsletter, you’ll love the book. We love brands that have fun. They’re […]

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