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How to permanently increase your word of mouth

Teach your customers to become word of mouth marketing experts. Imagine if your customers started doubling the referrals to you. Every customer who learns the basics of word of mouth becomes a permanently expanded sales channel for you. Don’t just hope it will happen — teach them how to do it. This works especially well […]

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More BtoB personality

I loved Cisco’s hilarious product placement on NBC’s 30 Rock. It’s another example of a big company showing us that BtoB advertising doesn’t need to suck. (See my post about GE’s great ads here.)

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It’s great to have a great personality

I hear from BtoB marketers all the time that they don’t want to do wacky viral stunts. That’s a good thing. (Most of those are cheesy failures that aren’t brand-worthy.) But they tend to over-react and think they can’t have a personality, so they get lost in the wasteland of boring BtoB marketing that is […]

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