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Your problem is the simplest thing

Webcam doesn’t work. Could be the drivers, sound card, software conflict, cables. Hours of troubleshooting. (And once you start messing with setting and software, you’re causing new problems. Or maybe it’s this cute (but crappy) USB hub. Lesson: Always check the simplest thing first.

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Insert lesson about planning or foresight here

So I finally moved the 273 bricks from the pile on the side of the house to a neat stack by the back fence. Then I realized, “What the hell do I need 273 bricks for?” So I ran an ad on Craigslist, and within an hour someone came and hauled them all away for […]

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This cute, little guy will ruin your day

The computer started getting weird. All sorts of tech support problems happened. Webcams stopped working, things wouldn’t print, the mouse got quirky. We spent hours on tech support, installing drivers, replacing parts. Turns out that someone bought this adorable USB hub. Looks great. Works like crap. No one thought to check it as the source […]

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Three great lessons about pigs and life: Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty — but the pig likes it. You can put a wig on a pig, but it’s still a pig. Finding business partners is like a ham-and-eggs breakfast. The chicken is involved… but the pig is committed. Look for pigs.

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Every test is a win

When you test ideas, it’s always good. The moment you do a test, you’re winning — you’re learning something new, you’re finding a better way, or you’re avoiding a mistake. There’s no such thing as a “failed” test. Tests aren’t Pass vs. Fail. Tests are A vs. B. You always learn something about A and […]

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Size matters. So do all the other details.

Take a look at this truck delivering PODS containers. Three will fit on a truck. If they made them 1 foot longer, only 2 would fit on a truck — raising delivery costs 33%. Lesson: Pay attention to all the details. That extra bit can be the difference between profitability and failure.

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