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2 steps to achieving true excellence

Step 1: Put someone in charge of watching the details. Step 2: Make sure everyone knows that the details matter. Example: I’m staying in a very nice hotel with exquisite branding. Everything is perfectly designed. They even change the floor mats in the elevator from “Good Morning” to “Good Afternoon” to “Good Evening”.  That’s Step […]

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Focus Time!

We have an important tradition in our company: Every Tuesday and Thursday morning at our company is Focus Time. Focus Time is for all that work you’ve planned, to cross the things off your list, and have an extended-concentration/get into the zone period. Here are the rules: Your goal is to avoid interrupting (and interruptions […]

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A secret to employee longevity

Give people space that feels temporary and you turn them into temps. If you want employees to stick around, you need to create an office environment that feels like home. People need a place that is personalized, personal, and THEIRS. They need to put down roots. I just don’t understand companies that try these schemes […]

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