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Copy Protection is the Opposite of Copy Promotion (which we call “marketing”)

I’ve often thought that over-done efforts at copy protection kill the limited piracy that helps start the word of mouth about new content. Or they just make it too hard to use, and frustrated consumers walk away. David Pogue writes about Tor Books’ test where they dropped copy protection and saw no measurable increase in […]

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1,499,000 people saw this for free …

…and it’s still a top-selling concert video on Amazon. Every week, several thousand people watch this David Gilmour concert on YouTube. It’s not a clip or a bootleg — it’s the entire DVD in HD. I don’t know where you come down on the copy protection/illegal downloads issue. But getting 1,000s of people to watch […]

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Go the F–k to Sleep

This insanely awesome “children’s book for adults” has been leaked all over the web. The full PDF of the entire book has been emailed, Facebooked, and shared (for free) with anyone who wants it. But… it’s also the #2 book on Amazon in the parenting category and #6 in humor — and it doesn’t get […]

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