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Stealing is how your fans become evangelists

I scanned an article out of a magazine and emailed it to 15 people in my office. They might send it on to a few dozen more people. The magazine could freak out and call me a thief. Or, they could be excited that I just advertised their publication to a bunch of prospective subscribers, […]

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Go the F–k to Sleep

This insanely awesome “children’s book for adults” has been leaked all over the web. The full PDF of the entire book has been emailed, Facebooked, and shared (for free) with anyone who wants it. But… it’s also the #2 book on Amazon in the parenting category and #6 in humor — and it doesn’t get […]

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You can’t just take it

Every so often a website will take my blog posts and start publishing them. They make it look like I’m a guest writer for their site. (This happens to a lot of bloggers.) No link, no traffic to my blog. Just using my name as a byline isn’t giving me credit, it’s making it look […]

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