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3 ways to let your fans rave about you

This is a post from our project. Check it out for more great word of mouth marketing tips like this every day. Honest praise from happy customers will always be more effective than any sales copy you could write. As a word of mouth marketer, your job is to help these great talkers get […]

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Talk like a human

Your customers are regular people. Talk to them like you talk to regular people. Look at the simple, clear language in this Apple alert. Here’s the action plan: Hire someone (permanent or freelance) to review everything you write. De-lawyer it, de-engineer it, de-jargon it. A few days of rewrites will completely change how your customers […]

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Probably not what they meant to say …

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This is a good Facebook ad

One image says it all — a Star Wars bounty hunter is the perfect symbol to catch the eye of high-tech freelancers. (All great geeks consider themselves guns for hire to some degree. And want to live in space.) When 341 people “Like” your ad, you’re on the right track. Does anyone “Like” your ad? […]

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Great writing from Don Draper

All great marketing comes down to great writing. Here’s a classic example of an email pitch for a conference from MarketingProfs:

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If you need more living space

Meritage Homes has just what you need:

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Make me crave your next newsletter

Vitamin T is a talent agency that recruits creative designers and coders. Each week they send out an email newsletter with a few featured candidates, which wouldn’t be all that interesting. But … they end each email with a genuinely funny, completely out-there story. Which gets everyone to anticipate and open the emails. Giving great […]

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How to write good

Only type what you would say out loud. Try it. Call a friend and read the last thing you wrote and see if you sound ridiculous. You probably wrote something that you would never use in a meeting or conversation. Then — just say what you want to say and let your friend type it […]

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When answering questions on Facebook…

Watch out for the trap of sounding like a corporate spokesperson. “We appreciate your feedback” is not how normal people talk to each other. You sound like a cold, uncaring robot. Use the exact same tone as if you were talking to someone face to face. “Hi Susan. Thanks for the question. I’ll look into […]

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