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When am I going to review this backpack?

I’ve had it for years. It’s as good as new, after non-stop daily use. I love it. But after all this time, what would make me wake up and say, “Today is the day I’m going to the Timbuk2 website to write a review!” This is a huge word of mouth challenge: Your happiest customers are […]

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Be amazing to earn the amazing review

There are a lot of air-conditioning repair companies. They are all fighting for the same customers.  It’s a tough fight. Ad by ad, flyer by flyer, referral by referral. But this kind of action (consistently applied) is a knockout punch: What are you doing to guarantee that you are the must-call company?

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Bad reviews can be good for your brand

No business wants a bad review.  But they can be an early warning that something is going very wrong in a local market. Check out these reviews for La-Z-Boy’s Austin dealers. It takes extraordinarily bad work to get reviews this bad, for this long. This is great news for the national brand — if they […]

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Should I pay for referrals?

Dear Andy: A client of mine wants to have a referral program with his clients and wants to compensate those that give him new clients. I’m looking at a few solutions but thought I’d run it by you. Any thoughts? – LH Hi LH – My advice is always NEVER to provide incentives for referrals, […]

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How to Identify Fake Reviews #2

From CNET editor Dong Ngo: … While you’re busy shopping online, chances are you’ll see lots of user reviews on various products. While the majority of those reviews do come from real users like yourself, who are passionate enough to share their opinions on a product, many of them could be fake, left by the […]

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Everyone knows that you’re a cheater

When you write fake reviews of your own business — everyone knows. It’s obvious. Do you have any doubt that the reviews below are written by the company? Instead of attracting new business, you’ve convinced everyone that you’re a cheater and a liar. How many customers will you lose? Here’s a better idea: Just call […]

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Why aren’t you asking for feedback, every time?

With all of the online communication tools you have, why aren’t you asking for feedback from every customer, every time? A simple email will do. What customers think about each transaction is vital — it decides whether you’ll ever see them again. You should care, and you should show customers that you care. Not everyone […]

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The kind of review that should go on your home page

Are your best reviews buried deep in your product pages? Stories like this one about Zappos should be highlighted up top. It tells more about the spirit and love for the the company than any marketing copy ever could. POSTED: 3/18/11 REVIEWER: Margie L from OVERALL: Rated:5 stars! My son who is now 21 manages […]

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Showing off the customer love

A fantastic review on the bulletin board at the luscious Torchy’s Tacos. Do you show off your amazing reviews? Or are they buried in a drawer or on a crowded website? Brag about it when your customers are in love with you. Just in case you forgot the original tune:

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