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Copy Protection is the Opposite of Copy Promotion (which we call “marketing”)

I’ve often thought that over-done efforts at copy protection kill the limited piracy that helps start the word of mouth about new content. Or they just make it too hard to use, and frustrated consumers walk away. David Pogue writes about Tor Books’ test where they dropped copy protection and saw no measurable increase in […]

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Dear Executives: Don’t lie. No one should have to tell you this. What is wrong with you? Thanks, Andy P.S. Here is today’s column from David Pogue of the NY Times. It is so important that I’m reposting the whole thing. Bogus Tech Measurements By DAVID POGUE Most people get cranky about politics, or the […]

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You will always get caught

Belkin is the latest example of a company caught in an unethical word of mouth campaign. They had an employee paying for fake positive reviews, and trying to hide bad reviews. That’s unethical, sleazy, and they got caught. Read about it here: 1 2 3 and all over the web. This story wiped out any […]

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