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How a 21-year-old can humiliate your brand and cause a world of legal trouble

Do you know what your marketing assistant is doing online? 1700 people outed a Sports Illustrated staffer for trying to rig Digg by bribing people to pump up the votes for his site — while asking them to hide the relationship. See it here and here. This is against the law. It’s not a matter […]

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Disclosure is easy

Did you see how I met the FTC guidelines in the last post? One simple sentence that discloses my relationship with a client (and what kind of ladies’ clothes I wear). You don’t need some giant legal statement to do good, honest disclosure. Just tell people what your deal is. Here’s another easy example: Put […]

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How to stay in compliance under new FTC social media regulations

For a quick crash course in staying ethical under the FTC’s new rules on disclosure and ethics in social media, check out my live presentation from our recent BlogWell in Minneapolis. In addition to the live video, also check out: My detailed breakdown of the FTC document A quick summary of what the new regulations […]

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