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Defensive Domains Names

Domain names matter. You brand is important — but your domain is the version of your brand that gets typed every day by potential customers. Get it wrong, and no one will ever find you. It’s not enough to get a good domain. You need to get the related domains too. It’s how you defend […]

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Did you notice that is now

I blogged last year about how dumb it is to base your brand on a domain controlled by the Libyan government — or any other country where you don’t have a presence or a practical way to enforce your rights. And we all know that Libya hasn’t been what you’d call a great place to […]

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Would you bet your business on the whims of Muammar al-Gaddafi and the Libyan government? did.

The domain was seized and shut down by the Libyan government. Folks, stop to think before you buy some cute domain name with a .ly extension. That’s the domain registrar run by the Libyan government, and they have control over all .ly domains. (The same goes for all the country-specific domains.) If you’ve got an […]

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