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Do they appreciate all you do?

Every day you do all sorts of great things for your customers. It’s just what you do. But do they know? Do they understand how hard you work for them behind the scenes? A little, tasteful reminder helps — like this bag from my dry cleaner containing a few things that I left in my […]

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Why do so many dry cleaners get bad reviews?

Because we never think to post a review until they screw up. Dry cleaning is such an everyday activity that reviewing doesn’t seem worth the trouble — until we’re angry and want to shout. This is a problem for every small business owner. They obsess about the bad reviews, and miss the real point: Why don’t […]

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You are a good person

When a dry cleaner offers a free cleaning to someone going on a job interview, it’s not just a promotion. It’s an honorable, human gesture that says something good about them — and why you should support them as more than a business, but a member of your community. What true service can you provide […]

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