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You might want to take a look at this

A real thing I found on eBay:

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Newsletter #877: The “Great Pictures Make for Great Business” Issue

Hi there! I need your help. My book is coming out in paperback and we’re hoping to get it stocked everywhere. You can help make it happen by pre-ordering a copy today. There are some great bonuses for pre-ordering — and if you like this newsletter, you’ll love the book. Great copy can do incredible things, but […]

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Make your customer feel like a superstar

There’s nothing wrong with gushing praise for your best customers. Praise them, thank them, and most of all: Give them STATUS. Nothing motivates like public praise. Reward good behavior and you’ll get more of it. Reward good behavior publicly and you’ll have folks eager to do what you want. The grand champion of this is […]

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eBay Needs Your Help

Well, maybe not — but this is a great example of how to increase response to a marketing message. Instead of telling people something, try to ask them for help. You’ll make them feel important, you’ll sound more human, and you’ll get a better result. We all want to believe that companies care what we […]

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Email standards are slipping

eBay suddenly started sending a “Daily Deals” email to all their customers. I’m sure their lawyers found some loophole in the terms of service that says they can email you whenever they want. But it’s unasked for, and unwanted, and that’s spam. I don’t want an email from them every day. They know that I […]

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A classic trade show promotion

Seth Godin and Megan Casey of Squidoo gave out these shirts at an eBay conference. Click to see a close-up. The great copy speaks for itself.

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There’s No Need to Bat .900

Here's some really great advice for all entrepreneurs, from Adam Bryant's interview with eBay CEO John Donahoe: I didn’t know it at the time, but I was suffering from a real fear of failure. Kent said, “You know, John, your challenge is you’re trying to bat .900.” And he said: “When you were in college, […]

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Thinking about the next sale

One of the problems with selling on eBay is that every customer is a new customer. Some anonymous person wins an auction, you send the stuff, end of relationship. Start over. But we all know that additional sales to existing customers are easier and more profitable than acquiring new customers. Look for simple ways to […]

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Credentials make people feel good

eBay Live! is one of the greatest entrepreneurial events of the year.  20,000 small businesses get together to rally, learn, and show their excitement at being an eBay seller. One of my favorite things they do: Over-the-top nametag ribbons.  Attendees get ribbons for every credential they have earned — and there's something for everyone. It's […]

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