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Stop subscribing prospective customers to your email updates without asking permission.

It’s rude. They will probably think you’re an asshole. You’re definitely going to lose the sale. Why? Because everyone knows that it’s common courtesy to only email after asking permission. Because nobody wants to buy from someone too stupid to use common courtesy or common sense.

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So many sales lost…because of one important action

I am a big fan of Woot’s email promotions. More here. But they stopped coming months ago — and I didn’t notice. Because nobody cares about missing a sales email, however good it might be.  The only reason I noticed that they were missing is that they suddenly started showing up again. Most likely, they had an […]

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Over-emailing your customer list is always, always bad marketing. There is absolutely no reason to think your customers want to get a special offer every day. When you over-mail, you just turn happy customers who would be happy to hear from you occasionally into annoyed ex-customers. So why do marketers do it? Because of a fundamental […]

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You WANT people to unsubscribe from your email lists

You know that email newsletter that shows up in your inbox that you never open. That you’ve gotten for years, and always intend to read it. So you don’t unsubscribe. For a marketer, these non-readers are purgatory. They make you think you’ve got a healthy list. But they are never, ever going to open, read, […]

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