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Tag Archives: employee training

2 steps to achieving true excellence

Step 1: Put someone in charge of watching the details. Step 2: Make sure everyone knows that the details matter. Example: I’m staying in a very nice hotel with exquisite branding. Everything is perfectly designed. They even change the floor mats in the elevator from “Good Morning” to “Good Afternoon” to “Good Evening”.  That’s Step […]

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Three weeks of customer service

Every new employee at Automattic spends their first three weeks in customer service — even senior executives. (Other clever companies do this too.) It’s the smartest way to ground everyone in a deep understanding of what matters to the people who keep the company afloat — your customers. You should do this. Add on a day-a-month […]

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There’s always a better answer than “I’ll go find your waiter.”

What do you do when a customer hands you a problem that isn’t your responsibility? Do you: a) hand it off to someone else? b) step up and make it right? Great employees are eager to own a problem and get it fixed. They want to make a customer happy. Great companies build systems to […]

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