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A simple test of marketing authenticity

I did this piece for Bazaarvoice (disclosure: I’m a Bazaarvoice advisor) as a part of their series on “Collected perspectives on authenticity.” It asks marketers to think about authenticity with one question, “Would it look good in a press release?” If so, it’s not authentic. Why? Because real people don’t talk like marketers. So instead […]

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Spam vs. Viral

Seth Godin is a man who defined honest and effective email for all of us. Permission Marketing and Unleashing the Ideavirus are required reading for our team. Here’s a healthy reminder of the biggest ideas in email from two of Seth’s recent blog posts: Is this spam? If you have to ask, it probably is. The […]

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Newsletter #882: The “Keep It Transparent” Issue

Openness, honesty, and transparency can change your business (and how the world thinks about your business). Get started by seeing how these smart marketers are doing it: 1. When comparing with competitors 2. When you mess things up 3. When you want to change behavior 4. Check it out: The March Madness Map 1. When […]

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