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New FTC rules clarify the laws on sponsored social media content

The FTC just released an update to their “.com Disclosures” guide — the biggest update on social media disclosure laws since the 2009 update to their Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising, and the first update to the .com Disclosures since 2000. The biggest addition: Making it painfully clear that disclosure […]

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Friends are earned, not bought

Folks, I stumbled on this awful ad on Craigslist — from someone looking to pay for bunch of social media friends. (Yes, there are scum who sell this service.) But it doesn’t work. Your friend count may be high. Your boss may be happy. But none of those people actually friended you because they like […]

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How to Identify Fake Reviews #2

From CNET editor Dong Ngo: … While you’re busy shopping online, chances are you’ll see lots of user reviews on various products. While the majority of those reviews do come from real users like yourself, who are passionate enough to share their opinions on a product, many of them could be fake, left by the […]

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How to Identify Fake Reviews #1

From WIRED Magazine, August 2012: Q: I’ve heard that lots of TripAdvisor reviews are fake, placed there by the hotels themselves. Is there any easy way to weed out the real critiques from the fluff? A: Assuming you’ve already tried the obvious tactics, like checking to see whether a suscpiciously enthusiastic reviewer has only one […]

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Everyone knows that you’re a cheater

When you write fake reviews of your own business — everyone knows. It’s obvious. Do you have any doubt that the reviews below are written by the company? Instead of attracting new business, you’ve convinced everyone that you’re a cheater and a liar. How many customers will you lose? Here’s a better idea: Just call […]

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The original WOMMA Ethics Code

The Word of Mouth Marketing Association is the leading organization for word of mouth marketing ethics. We founded the group first and foremost as an ethics organization — to raise this worthy practice to a higher level. We were raising the bar, with a plain-English call to action. We committed to inspire others to do the […]

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The most honorable reporters on the Internet

Every reporter at WSJ spin-off All Things D has a clear ethics statement next to their byline. They share their financial interests and anything else that might bias their coverage. Read all their ethics statements here. I’m deeply impressed with this team and challenge every other reporter to rise to the same standards. Kudos and respect […]

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#1 clue that a conference is going to be awful

Are they selling speaking slots to sponsors? Before you register for an event, do this: Compare the speaker list to the sponsor list. Look at the page where people can apply to be a speaker. Is speaking paid or tied to buying a sponsorship or exhibit? My personal view: Selling speaking slots is ripping off […]

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Newsletter #894: The “It’s Easier Than You Think” Issue

[Welcome back to the Damn, I Wish I’d Thought of That! newsletter. This is text of the great issue all of our email subscribers just received. Sign yourself up using the handy form on the right.] Great marketing doesn’t have to be hard. The best ideas are simple, practical things you can do without big teams or […]

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