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You will always get caught

Belkin is the latest example of a company caught in an unethical word of mouth campaign. They had an employee paying for fake positive reviews, and trying to hide bad reviews. That’s unethical, sleazy, and they got caught. Read about it here: 1 2 3 and all over the web. This story wiped out any […]

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Can word of mouth marketing get me in trouble?

Intro: The U.K. is introducing a new bill that states that some stealth marketing practices are illegal. Honest word of marketers already oppose those particular practices, but it's time for a review. (See update below.) 1. Word of mouth marketing is safe and legal. Honest word of mouth marketing is when you inspire your fans […]

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When is the last time you sent a gift for no reason?

Saul Colt of FreshBooks heard that I love the gourmet hand-made mustard from Kozlik’s in Toronto.  So he sent me some. I thanked him, of course. But I’m also blogging about it, I tell friends, and I’m much more aware of everything FreshBooks does. Now I’m a fan, not an acquaintance. Never, ever send a […]

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