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Video: How Grainger makes their customers the heroes

This is a post from our project. Check it out for more great word of mouth marketing tips like this every day. Grainger supplies the stuff that helps businesses run: from janitorial supplies and fire extinguishers, to Lipton tea bags and labware. It’s the kind of stuff you probably don’t notice that often (and […]

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The NSA isn’t the one spying on you

It’s actually the social media companies. They provide you information and entertainment — in exchange for total ownership of your personal data. Here’s a great editorial from Bloomberg Businessweek: Silicon Valley’s Hypocrisy on Spying The logic of Silicon Valley sometimes works in strange ways. Take the public-relations campaign by a collection of high-profile technology companies: […]

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How many million people DIDN’T hear about it?

Google has all sorts of cool apps for Chrome.  But they hobbled the ability to share the app — the only sharing options are Gmail or Google+.  Why is this wrong? If the sharer doesn’t use those tools — the sharing can’t happen If the sharer would rather share some other way (Outlook, Twitter, or […]

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If you aren’t paying for the product, then YOU are the product

Something to remember:   You’re not paying for all those online services and apps that you enjoy.   But those businesses are spending and making big money. How? By selling you — your attention, your clicks, your privacy, your personal data.   I’m not saying it’s bad. Sometimes it’s a good deal (trading your info […]

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Police in social media

This relates to a post I did back in 2011 on a speech given by Admiral Gary Roughead, U.S. Chief of Naval Operations. It’s our most popular blog post, and it’s about why if the Navy can do safe social media, you can too. Now, we’re seeing the same sort of forward thinking from law […]

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Did you hear about the scandal where the employee using social media at work leaked company data and got a virus?

We didn’t either. Because it so rarely happens. It’s time to take down those barriers to social media at work before your company looks even more ignorant to your customers and more unappealing to future employees. And if it’s your IT team still arguing for these restrictions, then a) ask them to compare hypothetical risk […]

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Creepy, evil, slimy marketing

My wife’s Facebook page is showing ads for the exact pair of eyeglasses that I was shopping for. That violated my privacy. She wasn’t using the same computer. She never went to that merchant’s site (and if she did, she wouldn’t have clicked on that exact product). Clearly the merchant paid a service to connect […]

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Loyal Customer for Life

You don’t need to be a big business to be an awesome business. YourBagTag makes custom luggage tags for adventure travelers (and others). A customer posted to Facebook that they lost a tag 5 years ago — and never told the company. The company replaced it anyway, for free. Result: Thrilled customer, Facebook post, word […]

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This is a good Facebook ad

One image says it all — a Star Wars bounty hunter is the perfect symbol to catch the eye of high-tech freelancers. (All great geeks consider themselves guns for hire to some degree. And want to live in space.) When 341 people “Like” your ad, you’re on the right track. Does anyone “Like” your ad? […]

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