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This is the genuine story of a True American Hero!

Tim League of Alamo Drafthouse: We salute you for teaching some manners to the idiots of America. Thank you. Watch this video, and read the full story here (be sure to read the comments too): Marketers, this isn’t just a story of how to build a great business. 5 lessons of building a business people […]

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What is your ONE BIG MISSION?

Want to be known? Want to be great? Want to win? Pick one big thing and fight for it. Let it define you. Let people know what you stand for. Rahm Emanuel is running for mayor of Chicago. He has committed to: “a single mission: to ensure that every child—in every school and every neighborhood—has […]

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There’s no AND in BRAND #1

A brand is one idea that creates a clear vision of what you do in the customer’s mind. You can’t claim to do everything. We won’t believe you. You can’t be web design and tech and strategy and code and marketing and…? There is no AND in BRAND. You don’t get to be two or […]

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