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Tag Archives: free samples

When it makes sense to blog about a free sample

In my previous post, I blogged about a free headset that was sent to me by an old friend. Sure, he got some promotional benefit out of it — but I wasn’t blogging to send him business, to thank him, or as a quid-pro-quo. I wrote the blog post because it met the editorial standards […]

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A special sample starts the conversation

For a complex product, no amount of marketing copy will convince someone to buy. But one free sample can get an entire office talking about how great it is. For example: sent me a sample of this amazing wireless OfficeRunner headset. It has an incredible range, so I was wandering all over the office, […]

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You won’t give me a free sample???

I buy a lot of envelopes. We went to the website of our envelope printer because we wanted to check out some new colors. I asked for some free samples. They insisted that I pay for the samples. Such a bad customer service moment. I’m annoyed and I’m shopping elsewhere. They turned me away at […]

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