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Never say never

Canada is phasing out home postal delivery. Why does it matter to you? Because it’s a great reminder of how radically things can change, and how fast — even when things seem inevitable.  Example: Seven years ago, the iPhone didn’t exist. Now Motorola is a department of Google. You need to train yourself to expect […]

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Why hasn’t a national gas station chain installed electric car chargers?

History repeats itself: An industry is threatened by technological change Most established leaders ignore it or fight it Sometimes one embraces the future and takes the lead Usually, some new competitor comes out of nowhere and kicks their ass Electric cars are coming, and one national gas station chain has 12 months to gain a […]

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The future of PR

Good thoughts from Valeria Maltoni on the future of PR and social media. Good PR comes at a cost – research, the experience of knowing what's important, the relationships we build to offer content that people want to make part of their lives. New media helps do the rest – it helps reinforce the publics' […]

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