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It’s not the critic who counts

Fascinating how many Deadheads found a reason to criticize the Grateful Dead’s farewell concert tour (example). Folks, it’s a concert by a band that played more than 2,500 concerts over the years. And this time you can watch a live stream for 20 bucks. About as uncontroversial as you can get. But here’s the real […]

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Do something for the superfans

Your most crazy awesome-in-love fans are desperate to show their love for you. Every so often, you need to give them something outrageous to show off their love. Like this 60-CD, $450 box set of the Grateful Dead’s Europe ’72 tour, limited to 7,200 copies. Which sold out in 4 days.

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Grateful Dead: The Original Social Media

Some great thoughts from Dave Churbuck about the Grateful Dead’s contributions to (inventions of) the cultural phenomenon we now call the open-source / content-sharing community. In the mid-80s I found a BBS called the Brokedown Palace where Dead Heads posted ASCII files of the shows they owned and the shows they wanted. You could download […]

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