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Have a quirk

Check out the little quotation mark in this Harvard Business Review story. Whenever there is a quote at the start of a line, they put the mark in the margin. It’s a little naughty — and it gives the page a lot of personality. What makes your work recognizably different? What makes people pause and […]

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Ask for permission, don’t force it

I signed up to get a free chapter of a book. Buried in the fine print was, “you agree to allow us to contact you and provide information on products and services”. So they want to spam me. Permission has to be given willingly. Reluctant permission is bad permission. If someone doesn’t realize that they’re […]

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I just paid $16 for a single issue of a magazine

That’s the newsstand price of Harvard Business Review. And it’s worth it. If you’re in the publishing business, stop whining that print is dead. Make something incredible instead.

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Small business reading list

Blogs are great, but trade magazines are still important. If you're an entrepreneur or small business, read these: 1. The entrepreneur's essentials: Inc. and Fast Company2. The trade magazine for your industry: DM News, PR Week, Plumbing News, or whatever you do3. The trade magazine for your client's industry: You need to know how they […]

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