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Stats for nerds

Adding personality to your product is always the right answer. The more your company acts like humans, the more humans like your company. Example: This menu item on YouTube — “Stats for nerds.”

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Stupid politicians

The New York Times reports on a number of politicians who failed to secure their own names as domain names. has nothing to do with the candidacy of former Vice President Dan Quayle’s son, Ben, who is running for Congress in Arizona. Among the advertisers that have used the site is the Democratic National […]

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There’s no AND in BRAND #1

A brand is one idea that creates a clear vision of what you do in the customer’s mind. You can’t claim to do everything. We won’t believe you. You can’t be web design and tech and strategy and code and marketing and…? There is no AND in BRAND. You don’t get to be two or […]

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What it means to have a “brand”

On the front page of the June 19 New York Times: A self-described “fat redneck,” he speaks in a marble-mouthed Mississippi drawl, loves Maker’s Mark bourbon, resembles an adult version of Spanky from the Little Rascals, and fits no one’s ideal of a sleek new political model… (A description of Haley Barbour.) When they wrote (and […]

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How to resist when someone wants to change the logo

Great advice from Drew McLellan’s book 99.3 Random Acts of Marketing: Next time people want you to change your corporate identity, try this. Buy a can of Coke and place it on their office desk. Give them 30 seconds to study it and then tell them to close their eyes and picture the Coke can […]

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