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Dear Jeff Bezos: You’re not very good at saying thank you.

We’ve spent $25,000 with Amazon this year. And last year, and the year before that. At some point, any recognition would be appreciated. Maybe a note from Jeff, or a gold star on my account, or a VIP phone number to call. We love what we get, and the service is near-perfect. But you still […]

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Apologize like you mean it

How many times do you have a problem with a company and all you want is an apology. And they say everything but “I’m sorry.” When you screw up: Take responsibility. Apologize for real. No mealy, bullshit, weasel words, like “we’re sorry that you feel that way.” Do it fast. Here’s a great example from […]

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This is how it’s done — learning to listen

Enjoy these classic tales of great listening from smart entrepreneurs featured in Inc. Magazine. Read all 30 stories in this great article from April 2009. Whistle blow while you work “Always communicate without fear of retribution.” That was one of the tenets on which Patrick Kelly and his partners founded Physician Sales and Service in […]

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