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Your profile picture helps your career

Great advice on choosing a good social media profile photo from LinkedIn’s Nicole Williams: Always have a photo:  Profiles with photos get 7x more traffic Just you: Photos with friends or pets make you look unprofessional Dress to match the workplace: Your outfit shows how you’ll fit in Look natural: A stodgy or stiff photo […]

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Brutally honest job ads

Sometimes job ads over-sell. We are so eager to hire great people that we tell a rosy story about how wonderful our workplace is. But if your story doesn’t match the reality, you bring in people who are unlikely to succeed due to the mismatch in expectations. We have an amazing work culture at GasPedal. […]

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How to get busy/important people to call you back

If you want some famous author, CEO, or celebrity to return your call/email/LinkedIn message, here are a few tips: Say exactly what you want in the first sentence of the first message. Be specific. Say what you want them to do. Explain your connection to the person. Provide 1-2 sentences that establish your credibility. Include […]

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Career Advice: Learn to Edit

Heads up, friends: All the good jobs involve writing and editing. You need to communicate well — in an essay, a blog post, or a tweet. (And this isn’t just marketing jobs. I just deleted 300 of 360 applications for an office manager job because they had weak grammar. There’s not a lot you can […]

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