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You don’t have to get it right the first time

I bought an early Kindle in 2007 — and I returned it. It just wasn’t very good. Amazon probably had warehouses full of Kindle 1.0s that were sent back. But they were cool about the return. No hassles at all. So I bought another a few years later … and I liked it. And now I’ve […]

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Why tech gurus will never understand the Kindle

All the tech bloggers are comparing the new Kindles to the iPad. Which isn’t the right analysis at all. The Kindle isn’t targeted at techies and power users with money. It’s for moms. I doubt the techie community can get their heads around the ad below. But Better Homes and Gardens outsells Wired 10 to […]

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Getting personal

I like my Kindle a lot. But the screensavers make me nuts. When I’m at a business event, flashing a creepy picture of Emily Dickinson on my high-tech device just doesn’t do it for me. I can’t imagine the average college kid wants to show off 100-years-dead authors. In a world of increasingly personalized products, […]

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How to save print publications

Get rid of the printing. It’s about the value of the words you write, not how they are delivered. If you write something worth paying for, you’ll get paid. If you write crap, you’ll go broke, even if you’re a big famous newspaper or magazine. Example 1: I was emailed a PDF of an issue […]

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I almost bought a nook today…

Barnes & Noble announced Nook, their new ebook reader. It looks great. It has better features than the Kindle.  And it doesn’t have the Kindle’s ugly keyboard. This is a big deal for me. I’m an Amazon addict and buy EVERYTHING from them. Personal and business, I probably order every other day from Amazon. I […]

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